Bush Fiddles While the Country Burns WHY.docx – Microsoft Word Web App

Bush Fiddles While the Country Burns WHY.docx – Microsoft Word Web App.

can we talk america

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As we sit by and watch there is “real life” going on at least at my house. Though, No one cares to call and ask my concerns nor, do they call and request my Poll Participation 300 to 3,000 so-called potential voters determine every POLL that the Media throws at the American People.
Each one slanted towards the AGENDA of the Network and their SHAREHOLDERS 
I live in a state that has accepted the Irony of “The Tea Party of Texas” Why, when we actually have real Americans and better than that Real Texan Americans who actually in the Year 2010 have no Representation! Why, was Re-Distribution allowed and worse than that, a plan that has successfully accomplished
How are the Braggart’s allowed to state with Pride that Texas is a Red State
How, have they Dispossessed “MINORITY & MIDDLE CLASS WHITES” simply by USING THE ALMIGHTY ZIP CODES and a Oh, Hell them folks don’t vote any way attitude!!! This PLOT/PLAN has been executed so well that the people of Texas are about to let it happen again.
Yes I said again, the 2010 census will be used to make sure the State of Texas stays a Red State. Are they right? can they accomplish such a crime against my American right to REPRESENTATION. THE REAL TEA PARTY WOULD BE FIGHTING WITH ME NOT AGAINST ME. TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Today I a bombarded with Republican requests for Money! Are they Kidding? 
The Republican Party Picks Up another 4 seats and they do nothing but say NO for 2 years Hmm, sounds like a plan to me, what about You America?

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