A MUST-READ: Indiana Mom Vents Her Rage at Governor Pence

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Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer, a parent in Bloomington, Indiana, posted the following “rant” (as she calls it) on her Facebook page. She is one of the parents who is outraged by Governor Pence’s unrelenting attack on State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, who was elected in 2012 with more votes than Governor Pence. She is a member of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education. The great majority of parents—Democrats, Republicans, and independents–send their children to public schools, not to charters or voucher schools. They see clearly what the Governor and the Legislature are up to: the destruction of their community’s public schools. They know what is behind it: money, campaign contributions from private interests who will profit by the proliferation of for-profit charters. And they are furious that their votes for Ritz have been disregarded by Pence and his allies.

Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer writes:

“Governor Pence has swooped down on his white horse and…

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Redistricting in today’s shifting racial landscape – Society and Culture – AEI


Redistricting in today's shifting racial landscape – Society and Culture – AEI.

In “A Nation of Takers,” author Nicholas Eberstadt draws on an impressive array of data to detail the exponential growth in entitlement spending over the past fifty years. As he notes, in 1960, entitlement payments accounted for well under a third of the federal government’s total outlays. Today, entitlement spending — everything from Medicare to disability payments — accounts for a full two-thirds of the federal budget. While these economic developments are indeed astonishing, the cultural costs of this epidemic are equally troubling, and Eberstadt shows in unflinching detail how this run-away spending is making a very real, long-lasting, negative impact on the character of our citizens.

Also included in the book are responses to Eberstadt’s argument from other leading political theorists, William Galston, who questions Eberstadt’s causal links between government programs and dependence…

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What About Me?

Streets of Love - unconventional

Quicksilver Messenger Service – What About Me?

Written By: Jesse Oris Farrow / From The Album: “What About Me”
Recorded: October 8, 1970 / Released: December, 1970

You poisoned my sweet water.
You cut down my green trees.
The food you fed my children
Was the cause of their disease.
My world is slowly fallin’ down
And the air’s not good to breathe.
And those of us who care enough,
We have to do something…

Oh… oh What you gonna do about me?
Oh… oh What you gonna do about me?
Your newspapers,
They just put you on.
They never tell you
The whole story.
They just put your
Young ideas down.
I was wonderin’ could this be the end
Of your pride and glory?

I work in your factory.
I study in your schools.
I fill your penitentiaries.
And your military too!
And I feel the future…

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As we sit by and watch there is “real life” going on at least at my house. Though, No one cares to call and ask my concerns nor, do they call and request my Poll Participation 300 to 3,000 so-called potential voters determine every POLL that the Media throws at the American People. Each one slanted towards the AGENDA of the Network and their SHAREHOLDERS I live in a state that has accepted the Irony of “The Tea Party of Texas” Why, when we actually have realAmericans and better than that Real Texan Americans who actually in the Year 2010 have no Representation!

Why, was Re-Distribution allowed and worse than that, Execute a plan that has successfully accomplished “THE ELIMINATION OF ENTIRE DISTRICTS”?

How are the Braggart’s allowed to state with Pride that Texas is a Red State?

How, have they Dispossessed”MINORITY & MIDDLE CLASS WHITES” simply by USING THE ALMIGHTY ZIP CODES and a Oh, Hell them folks don’t vote any way attitude!!! This PLOT/PLAN has been executed so well that the people of Texas are about to let it happen again.

Yes I said it again, the 2010 census will be used to make sure the State of Texas stays a Red State. Are they right? can they accomplish such a crime against my American right to REPRESENTATION. THE REAL TEA PARTY WOULD BE FIGHTING WITH ME NOT AGAINST ME. TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Today I am bombarded with Republican requests for Money! Are they Kidding?

India Warns of Possible Elephant Attacks at Polling Stations


With assembly elections just weeks away in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, the Election Commission of India has enlisted the help of the country’s Forest Department to protect poll-goers from potentially violent disruptions — by elephants.

According to The Hindu, the commission says man-elephant conflicts are “rampant” inKarnataka, and 68 polling booths in Alur, Arkalgud and Sakleshpur taluks in the state’s Hassan district are considered “vulnerable for elephant attacks.” Deputy Commissioner K.P. Mohan Raj told The Hindu that Forest Department experts would escort buses carrying election staff on all 21 routes to the affected areas and a squad would monitor the entire region when elections are underway.

(MORE:Elephant Statues Covered in India)

It’s not that the elephants themselves have anything personal against participatory democracy: it’s just that thanks to India’s rapid economic development there are now human populations — and polling stations — where there once was…

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Honoring Margaret Thatcher – The Ultimate Progressive Hunter



From Rush Limbaugh:

Some people call it a coincidence — I think it’s more than that — that at the same time in the world we had Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher. During those years were the only time in my lifetime where the left was actually turned back. Not just stopped, but defeated and turned back. It was the only time in my life. Poland, Berlin, Moscow, the United States. Wherever. Those three leaders on the political stage, the world stage at the same time, did more for freedom and liberty for people all over this world than any three people since the founding of this country — and they all served at the same time, overlapping.

From Sara Palin:

Today we say goodbye to a towering figure of the 20th century. With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, we’ve sadly lost the last…

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Petition from Pennsylvanians to Reject Slavery...Petition from Pennsylvanians to Reject Slavery, 1844 (page 2 of 2) (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)http://edsitement.neh.gov/lesson-plan/debate-against-slavery

One of the great tragedies of American history was the treatment of African-Americans. African slaves arrived with some of the earliest European settlers, and slavery had been a centuries-old institution in America by the 1850s.

Jefferson Davis, Präsident der CSA Deutsch: 18...Image via WikipediaUnderground Railroad Monument Windsor ONTImage via WikipediaA drawing of slaves, made by whites, 2 generat...Image via WikipediaAnimated Map of Secession and Repatriation of ...Image via WikipediaEnglish: Confederate General Robert E. Lee pos...Image via WikipediaEnglish: A Roman Catholic chaplain ministering...Image via WikipediaDONCASTER, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 02:  Members ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeSlavery monumentSlavery monument (Photo credit: drhenkenstein)Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...Image via Wikipedia


 War, American DONCASTER, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 02:  Members ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeThe ch


 and immediate cause of the war was slavery. Southern states, including the 11 states that formed the Confederacy, depended on slavery to support their economy. Southerners used slave labor to produce crops, especially cotton. Although slavery was illegal in the Northern states, only a small proportion of Northerners actively opposed it.

—Source: “Civil War, American.” Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2000

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