IS POVERTY AT 40 MILLION — OR 47 MILLION? Why do Americans feel “INVISIBLE”? When we have given away so much “TRUST” to Insurance Co. and Banks then just when I think There was hope for bi-partism in our government. sHOCK OF ALL sHOCKS BI-PITYartism? we got was separtism and fingerpointism and covering your butism “WAKE UP AMERICA” They work for US!!! It’s time they were reminded that they too are “THE PEOPLE” This many AMERICANS IN POVERTY is UN-ACCEPTABLE. What happens if all “these people” NEED IMMEDIATE HEALTHCARE (SWINEFLU)?

Love Is As Love Does

Today I realized that there is no other help for people like me. We must AWAKE and SPEAK UP. I had a rude wake up call don’t let that happen to you. I was made a number no longer a patient that needs help.

The system is setup in such a way that if you cannot or in many cases are not told to contact each ( in my case 8-10) drug companies for this much needed help you are lost. I refuse to go quietly I am going to tell it like it is and this blog is one of the ways.
If you are having the GAP problem there is help for you. I will be adding information on the Drug Companies that are will to help and the process we must go thru.


The Reality Of Medicare so-called Reform

My life took a drastic change February 14th 2005. The new’s that was on my television looked strange. I wear glasses so after placing them on my face the news still didn’t look quite right but, the time had gotten away from me and the drive to work usually took at least 20 minutes. I got myself in the car and backed out of the driveway. Something I later called sea sickness set in and I pulled over to steady myself.
By the grace of GOD I made it to work in one piece. After getting to my cubicle and booting up my computer I again noticed the screen did not look right it was blurry and strangely black. The next moment i was convulsing in my trash can. Thinking that I had the flu (not bird or pig) fear set in because i could not stop vomiting and now my equilibrium was acting up so I was very dizzy. Diarrhea started next and I panicked.
An angel of a coworker drove me home and I went to bed. Was I dying? Stop acting like a baby I told myself it’s just the flu. The next Morning when I awaken I was completely blind in my right eye.
Frightened more than ever in my life the thoughts came flooding in will i ever see the same or at all? what do i do now who can help me. Since it was my eye i went to see my eye doctor who after an examination he immediately referred me to a specialist and I was really terrified especially since the doctor did not charge me for the exam.
A Thank-You here is necessary to the entire PDX INC Family for the care and concern they all showed me up to and including driving me to the doctors and getting me food and what ever my family needed but the biggest thank you is for the insurance I was Blessed to have. Until then I complained about it thinking ever so ignorantly that my company could have done better my copay’s could have been less etc etc.
Well the specialist sent me through a barrier of tests and told me he thought I should prepare for the diagnosis of something called MS. What in the world was that and is it fatal?? He refers me to a neurologist who also sent me through a barrage of tests all of which included needles.
The only 2 tests that can accurately determine that you do or don’t have MS is an MRI and Spinal Tap. At 48 years old I had not ever had either of those. The words Multiple Sclerosis had not even been heard of in my family. After almost throwing up all over the MRI machine and having my sister verbally slap me into submission we covered my eyes with a very cold towel and I prayed my way through it, The spinal tap was another whole issue, I cried like a baby and had to be held down.
February 18th 2004 My road to Medicare began My companies insurance generously covered me until 2009 when Medicare took over and this is where the real nightmare begins I currently take more than 7 medications daily And one of which I must give my self three times a week by injection.
This particular medication is for relapsing remitting (long word for it happens when you least expect it) MS. $2,000 plus this medication alone puts me in something called the Gap
(short for all my prescriptions are full price) One month I’m paying $25.00 three months later I am paying $2,000 Who thought this could ever happen to me? Worked 14 yrs in the same place paid my taxes went to church took care of the poor etc etc Now what do I do? I scrapped together all I could to get as much of the needed medication.
Each month Our Family 0f 11 struggles however the needs are mounting especially for our 8 children who live in my home. My daughter and grandchildren live with me and help to keep me alive believe it or not.
Just keeping electric, food and water on and now I cannot even begin get the medicine at regular prices. Okay now what? MR. CONGRESS MEN and all those who think it won’t happen to them NOW WHAT! GO WITHOUT AND DIE IS THAT MY OPTION??