Week 1: U.S. Law

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Bear with me as I have never blogged or even read a blog before! I am still getting use to this.. but hey, that’s what we’re here for.. to learn, right? This week I explored the basic concept of law. Its definition, functions, fairness, and flexibility. Additionally, I learned the history of American law and the sources of law within the U.S.

Laws are rules of actions or conduct prescribed by controlling authority that have binding legal force. They are put in place to keep the peace, shape moral standards, promote social justice, maintain the status quo, facilitate orderly change, facilitate planning, provide a basis for compromise, and maximize individual freedom. Also, law is generally vague and variable, so to ebb and flow with changes over time within society, technology, etc. The U.S. Constitution is often referred to as a “living document” because it is so adaptable.

The founding fathers…

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