Polygamy and U.S.Law

Musings from the Chiefio

I was looking at something altogether different, and ended up with an odd bit of “Oh Dear!” from a Supreme Court ruling.

It started with the Republican Convention and the oblique references to Romney being from a Mexican root. How deep was that root, I wondered. So I went looking.

The short form is that when the U.S. Government was abusing the Mormons in Utah (and it’s hard to interpret it as anything but that) a bunch of them “bugged out”. Some to Canada, some to Mexico, some to other places no doubt. Just looking for some peace.

Turns out Romney’s Granddad was one of them. Mitt’s Dad was born in Mexico, but being the child of an American Citizen, they kept the American citizenship line running. Later he returned to the USA and Mitt was born, so both born on U.S. Soil and the son of U.S. Citizens. Just…

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