Is Paul Ryan Mittens Dick Cheney, The Real Presidnt Behind The President?

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President Ryan — the truth behind Mitt’s flub

Romney’s slip aside, it’s not a stretch to say Paul Ryan would be “the next president” if the GOP ticket wins

By Steve Kornacki

In terms of theater, it was an unfortunate mistake when Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as “the next president of the United States” on Saturday. In terms of substance, though, the slip-up was unintentionally revealing. Because while it will be the former Massachusetts governor who is sworn-in as the 45th president if the GOP ticket prevails this November, it will be Ryan who sets the new administration’s policy direction.

The Ryan selection really is the perfect expression of the relationship that exists between Romney and his party’s base. For a host of reasons, Romney has never been a natural match for the conservative leaders and voters who hold sway in the GOP, and since turning…

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