CAUGHT ON TAPE: Limbaugh’s 70 Sexist Smears

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Limbaugh’s 70 Sexist Smears:

It’s now been five days since Rush Limbaugh incited a national uproar with a multi-day barrage of poisonous and sexually hostile invective against Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who recently testified before Congress on the importance of mandated contraception coverage in health insurance. Approximately 40 advertisers have now abandoned the right-wing radio host, forcing him to offer a begrudging apology which — while it does offer contrition for the “insulting word choices” — maintains the earlier tirade’s underlying theme that Fluke is seeking to mooch off the American taxpayers.

ThinkProgress has reviewed the footage from the first three days between Limbaugh’s initial attack and his apology, and counted no less than seventy insults and smears which Limbaugh hurled at Fluke. Below is the material that brought Limbaugh to his current impasse, and for which Republican leaders and the GOP candidates for president have criticized him in only the most tepid of terms — assuming they criticize him at all. Viewers can judge for themselves if the apology, and the Republicans’ response, is adequate to Limbaugh’s offense: