Parties tell D.C. court ruling is needed to correct interim maps

Parties tell D.C. court ruling is needed to correct interim maps:

Intervenors in the preclearance case told the D.C. court this morning that the interim maps adopted by the San Antonio court “perpetuate[ed] many of the Section 5 violations identified” in the D.C. case and said the those defects “heighten[ed] the need for a ruling by this Court that denies preclearance” of both the congressional and state house maps.

They told the court that such a ruling would allow the San Antonio court to put in place “a more comprehensive remedy for violation of the voting rights of blacks and Hispanics throughout the state.”

The advisory was signed on behalf of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, NAACP, LULAC, the Davis intervenors, and the Gonzales (Travis County) intervenors.

The Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force and the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus did not join in the advisory.

The advisory can be found here.