What comes after "visceral shock"

What comes after “visceral shock”: “

Here’s the full statement Professor Juan Cole sent us on the front-page news story he found himself the subject of this week:

If what Glenn Carle alleged actually happened, the charter of the CIA was violated and the US constitution was violated. If there are no consequences for such actions by the powerful then their successors will be all the more tempted to repeat them. Our rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution are if anything more under assault today than they were in 2005, and supporters of the PATRIOT Act and the FISA Courts have repeatedly argued that no abuses were known to have occurred. We now know that abuses have occurred and Congress should repeal the pernicious provisions of the PATRIOT Act, not extend them for four years! I am afraid a lot of people may dismiss the revelation that the Bush White House asked the CIA to dig up dirt about me in order to discredit my reputation as old news. The Bush administration officials are long gone, and the controversies over the Iraq War have subsided, and no one in Washington seems in a mood to look into crimes committed in a former administration. But unless a full investigation of this story is launched by the Senate and House Intelligence Committees and by Eric Holder at the Department of Justice, we won’t get the documents that show exactly what was done and how widespread these abuses were. And we won’t be in a position to take the steps to forestall them from being repeated.

Professor Cole also blogged about the allegations here.